One hundred years from now we may not be around to help children, veterans and others with disabilities, but we hope The Angelfish Foundation will be. Acting as a non-profit scholarship endowment to support Scuba Therapy and related programs and activities provided by the Diveheart Foundation is the Angelfish mission and vision.

Research done by university medical centers like John Hopkins, Midwestern University, Cornell and Duke University as well as Shriners Hospital for Children and others have just begun to uncover the healing power of physical activity in zero gravity.  This activity can benefit the body and mind in the form of help with chronic pain relief, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder symptom relief, and has proved therapeutic for individuals with autism.  Scuba Therapy can also help the mind and spirit by improving confidence, independence and self-esteem.

Angelfish Scholarships Support Scuba Therapy activities that help participants gain a renewed sense of self so that they are no longer identified by their disability. Which helps them focus on what they can do, instead of what they can’t do. They then go on to take on new challenges that helps them feel valued and gives them purpose. In short, Scuba Therapy improves one’s quality of life.

One Angel is new, and this Angel is not a person but an institution in the making.

The Angelfish Foundation theangelfishfoundation.org is an endowment that will allow the building of confidence and independence in children and adults with disabilities through the activity of scuba diving, far into the future.

As a wise friend once said: “What therapeutic scuba does for someone with a disability can lift their spirt and elevate their soul. Scuba brings adventure into one’s life.   And we all need a little adventure in our lives … it makes us better at everything we do.”

What does the future bring thanks to The Angelfish Foundation? Vision & Adventure…. Are you ready?

You can support the Angelfish Foundation by sending contributions to the address below.

For more information about the Angelfish Foundation please contact Jim Elliott at jim@theangelfishfoundation.org or 630-408-1920.