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Look far into the future, when we are all gone from this space ... and you will see The Angelfish Foundation and the Diveheart Foundation Http://Diveheart.org.

Thanks to the hard work, dedication, and compassion of so many wonderful volunteers and committed contributors like you, Diveheart can live on. Diveheart has been blessed with many angels ... you may be one of them.

One Angel is new, and this Angel is not a person but an institution in the making.

The Angelfish Foundation www.theangelfishfoundation.org is an endowment that will allow Diveheart to continue its activities, mission and service, of building confidence and independence in children and adults with disabilities though the sport of scuba diving, far into the future.

The funds this endowment generates will be directed to Diveheart as it grows and touches the lives of disabled children and adults around the world.

With your passion and support, the vision we call Diveheart has become a reality. 

As a wise friend once said: "What Diveheart does for someone with a disability can lift their spirt and elevate their soul. Diveheart brings adventure into ones life.   And we all need a little adventure in our lives ... it makes us better at everything we do."

What does the future bring thanks to The Angelfish Foundation? Vision & Adventure .... Are you ready?

You can support the Angelfish Foundation by sending contributions to the address below.

For more information about the Angelfish Foundation and the Diveheart Foundation please contact Jim Elliott at [email protected] or 630-408-1920.

Everyone needs an angel. With your help 100 years from now, when we are just a memory, the Angelfish Foundation will still be serving children and adults with disabilities ...
Chicago Area Office: 900 Ogden Ave #274, Downers Grove, IL 60515 :: 1.630.408.1920 :: [email protected]